How to check in:

  • Prior to your arrival you will receive a six-digit access code to the entrance doors by email.
  • You can then check in with your reservation number (which you will find on your reservation confirmation) or with your family name at one of our check-in terminals in the lobby. Please follow the instructions on the terminal – you can choose between four different languages.
  • After your check-in, you will receive a receipt with your room number and the access code to the door. 
  • Open your room with the code on the receipt.

How to check out:

  • On the day of your departure, your access code will not give you access to your room after 10am, as your code will expire then.
  • There are no further steps necessary to check out.
  • If you chose to pay at the check-in terminal, the invoice will be sent to you by e-mail, after your departure.
  • With advance payment, the invoice is e-mailed to you one week before your stay.